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Release Date: June 2022 Page

Role - Contributing Background Artist
Arti Director: Choob
Chapter 2 (2023) - (Current)


As cool Spring air breathes life onto the land, the town prepares for it's yearly folk festival. With Billy on break from university and Ranzo catching a ship to port, it's the perfect time for a reunion. However, with this year's festival marking a special occasion, it may draw in more visitors than anticipated.

Ranzo's Family Home
The Interior shots were commissioned in a batch of 3, each following a relatively similar theme and decor style and giving the impression of a familiar childhood home that you would have grown up in.



One of the first backgrounds Illustrated for the Project. With Choob guiding and advising on the art style of the Environments themselves. 

Part of the same batch of Environments that were commissioned, the Idea was of this home to look relatively furnished old-school like. Simplicity is favored here.

Living Room



Last of the first batch of Environment pieces commissioned. With extremely harsh Lighting emphasized within the room itself. Special thanks to Choob for advising on this one c:

Ranzo's Family Home

Ranzo's Bunkroom

Located on the ship that He works on, the room itself is kept clean and utilitarian in nature, with little to no personal decorations as usually for cargo vessels the room occupants would be rotated out depending on the routes that the ship will be undertaking, alongside staff that are on duty during a certain voyage.

Ranzo's Bunkroom

Gwyneth's House (Hallway) 

Gwyneth's House (Hallway)

Joe's Bedroom

Town Square (Day)

Town Square



Restaurant (Day)


Concept Art/Sketches

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