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De Halve Hen

Release date: 30 July 2022

Role: Contributing background Artist / Concept Artist
(November 2020-March 2021)

an 18+ furry visual novel comedy about a superhero, his butler, and one very unfortunate employee.

Alex, your regular everyday dalmatian working a dead end job, has his boring life suddenly upended when he discovers his boss's secret identity as a superhero.
Thrusted into a new position as his sidekick, he soon finds it comes with some rather unusual workplace hazards - from invisible fashionistas to fish mobs from the depths of the local canals. Every hero needs a villain, and they've got plenty.
At least it comes with a dental plan.

Entry/ Initial Concepts

Abandoned for decades following the war, renovations and new ownership turned this old building into a fashionable LGBT+ bar. It also happens to be Alex's favorite hangout spot.

De Bruin

This little corner store in the foreign district of Schippersburg is only open at night. The dimmed lights and graffiti on the walls might suggest shady goings-on inside, but in reality the owner's just a friendly old bat.